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Namaste Telangana 22/10/2016

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    About Us

Aalambana in Indian Regional Language, Telugu means Support, Nurture, Guide...

The need to nurture the children, deprived economically and socially. This idea of 'nurturing' took shape of the grass root organization called Aalambana.


Aalambana is a non-profit organization with a mission to impact the lives of less privileged children, enabling them to maximise their potential and change their lives.

Aalambana is situated in Kukatpally, Asia's biggest urban colony in the suburbs of Hyderabad, India. Aalambana is relentlessly working to provide basic care and education to the deprived children in the slums and ghettos of this huge urban colony. Everyday, there is an onslaught of more and more migrants from villages, due to various structural changes. This migration for a better living is depriving children of their support systems, as the dream of better living stays unattained. Aalambana is endeavoring to take the responsibility of providing these systems for the deprived of this huge urban colony.


Over the past 7 years, the organization has expanded from 5 children in one centre to over 65 children.A commitment is made to support each child by giving him or her a strong educational foundation, a good time, self esteem, basic health and nutrition and values, and to help them integrate with the mainstream education system.


The children come from neighbouring slums, with parents (sometimes single parent's who are most times construction, domestic labourers) Aalambana also lends support to the Kids' families in areas of healthcare, counseling, support by taking care of their kids' afternoon meal, evening snacks apart from providing them education, clothing and books to read.


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