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Eenadu coverage 27/10/2001

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For just Rs 750/ month you can help a child " grow " While we growing in life in its many facts, there are countless children still in bondage

.. to lack of minimum health and hygiene

.. to exploitation

.. to poverty


Most of the Aalambana's children were once a cheap work force .. easily controlled and manipulated. The fact remains that you can do something today to brighten their lives, gift them with a better future and extend life in its true sense.


For only Rs 750/- a month you can give your sponsored child essentials like a good meal, nutrition, education and a good upbringing. These children aren't nameless, nor are they from a no man's land. They are all very much around us, with real needs, hurts and hearts.


We are and have been with them, so we know them. You too can join us in knowing them. You can sponsor one or more of them. ::


Please fill the Sponsor ship form below, our volunteers would contact you soon ::